Thursday, October 31, 2019

Would the international response be different if it were men who were Essay

Would the international response be different if it were men who were suffering and dying as the result of child birth - Essay Example The fair gender is less mighty in strength and physical attribute compared to the man, for this reason they need to be treated with compassion. Unfortunately, physical assaults of various kinds, inhumane treatment, and domestic violence are few of the terms that are part of every society and target the women directly. Every year, large numbers of women go through various mishaps during the process of delivery, they offer come across miscarriages, other complications and in some societies women are held responsible for it, without thinking on the lines, that it’s the woman who suffers directly. The men and world community that is dominated by men might feel for the opposite gender only if exposed to it and made to have a taste of what women go through. It is quite unfortunate that even in modern times like these, there are societies where there are open violations of women rules, there is no consideration about their physical well being, and are directly exposed to violence in various forms, which entails not just the physical torture, but also the various other kinds. Many a times, they are taken for granted and despite going through the immense pain, they are ill treated. It would be an interesting case to see, if men were put to the test by going through equal pain. It is being said that the amount of pain woman goes through during the time of delivery, is right up there with any other kind of pain and suffering a human can endure . The element of consideration would creep into those societies and individuals where intolerance is on the higher side towards the fair gender. It is being said that one can not feel until they go through the suffering themselves, same is the case for the women’s suffering. Men would realize and understand only by going through it. If placed in the women’s shoes, they would realize what a woman goes through, what her sentiments her, what a woman wants in general, and how she should be

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