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Choice of Software Essay

Below is a list of possible solutions to this assignment and with them there are the disadvantages and advantages. After thoroughly analysing these choices I will pick the best option. Database Advantages Using a database is a very simple option. Almost every employee without too much guidance could use the solution to enter data and carry out the basic operations. Using the database wizard, the data can be input into a table and the field types could be declared. Thus would make data entry effective and unsophisticated. The built-in features of a database will diminish the risk of errors during the input process. Adding a new record to a database would be simple as entering it underneath the previous record. Report can also be easily printed off from a database and are aesthetically pleasing in appearance already without the need of major modification. Data validation is also a key area of this project and a database already has the suitable data validation methods pre-set end embedded into the core of the database application. Disadvantages Functions such as the ability to carry out complex mathematical calculations are not necessarily included in a database application. To overcome this irregularity the database would have to be cross-linked to a spreadsheet application. This would of course multiply the workload and the size of the task, which would be pointless. Also, other features of a database are fairly limited. This would therefore mean that the database system could not be adequately adapted to tackle the problem. This solution could prove to be expensive. Commercial Software Advantages Commercial Software programs are generally simple and well suited to the problem at hand to some extent. They are easy to use and come with extensive help guides to modify the functions and utilities to suit the and help the end user and also include suitable training materials and tasks for IT illiterates Disadvantages The costs of these Commercial Software programs are quite high. The features of these are not suitable for a task of this build and even with major modification would not be completely suitable and would be prone to error. Such programs do not have validation methods built-in and do not allow for addition of such Add-ons. This would be a stumbling block to the whole program and the quality of the program would suffer as a result. This solution could prove to be expensive. Spreadsheet System Advantages A spreadsheet System would be a more obvious solution. Such a spreadsheet would be able to be implemented with alleviation. The outstanding feature of a spreadsheet over the other options is the ability to enter and manipulate complex mathematical formulae and the ability to process numerical values without too much effort. All of the task could be completed within this one package without the need for integration with other programs and partial embedding extra programs. This can be implemented by the fact that the sheets can be linked to each other. Reports can be easily printed out via the macro feature of the spreadsheet. Disadvantages To be able to use the spreadsheet, the unwritten rules of manipulating formula within a spreadsheet have to be mastered. Exact placement of cells and macros would have to be recorded. The spreadsheet system layout is fairly difficult to follow. This solution could prove to be expensive. Bespoke Program Advantages The advantages of creating a bespoke program using a high level/imperative programming language is that the styles, functions and forms of the screens can be manipulated to suit the end users. The program would come with extensive help guides and instruction for the end users. The screens would de designed specifically using extensive research techniques to gather information for the program and to meet the users requirements and create a user-friendly interface. Behind this user-friendly interface, all of the required formulae and utilities could be implemented. The cost of creating a bespoke program is virtually none after purchasing the software to create such a program with its official license, which is a great advantage over the previous examples. Disadvantages The only obvious disadvantage to such a solution would be the time taken to complete the task. After the initial research and design period, the whole design and implementation of the program and extensive testing could take 3-4 months to be fully implemented. Online Web-Based Solution Advantages The advantages of using on online system is that the system does not have to be limited to one machine or a local network of computers but this accessibility can be enlarged and accessed all over the world by the right personnel. Security can be maintained my strenuous password and security checks and Internet I.P. addresses can be recorded and monitored. Integration of spreadsheets needs to be implemented into such a Web-Based Solution. Disadvantages If this solution were to be implemented, it would be a very foolish decision. The fact that it can be accessed all over the world maybe appealing at first, but what if the security of the website is overcome and the marks of hundreds if not thousands of students could be modified by a lone teenager with a bit of effort. This would bring the whole organisation into disrepute and affect the future of many students. Apart from the security concerns of this solution, the fact that it needs to be linked to a spreadsheet so that calculations can be carried out successfully is an unpleasant feature to this exaggerated solution. Reports could be printed to an extent but the design would be very unprofessional if not amateurish as any user can do this. This solution could prove to be expensive. Paper-Based System Advantages There are no real advantages of a paper-based system apart from the fact that it is a method of recording the information Disadvantages The disadvantages include the inability to save information in a professional manner. Sheets could be misplaced. Only one user can use the system at once. Handwriting can be a problem to read and understand. Also mistakes can easily occur much to the despair of students. Chosen Solution One thing to realise is that no problem has a solution, which is 100% perfect. This is true for the problem at hand as well. As they all have some disadvantages it is the one, which has the most advantages and the least disadvantages. That seems obvious enough to me that is why I have chosen to create own program using the BESPOKE PROGRAM option. The reasons why have chosen this option is because it is a sensible option and it can be suitably implemented and designed to the users requirements as it can be manipulated and shaped to perfection. Also it is not that costly so it will keep the bank manager happy, which would not have been the case if I had gone with the other options! The layout of the forms could be suited to use the user and I would not have to add features, which are not required by the users. The feedback from the users can be used to design the type of inputs and outputs they require from the program and how they would like to enter the data and then output the information in the form of the reports. This also enables me to create a versatile and innovative solution to the problem. The reasons why I have not used some of the other possible solutions is some of them are not practical while others are surreal! The idea of incorporating two programs to work together with each other appears to be out of the question, as it would make life hard for the end user then the current methods they are using. Also some of the solutions suggest features, which could affect the integrity of the data within the organisation and allow it to be prone to hacking and malicious damage from external sources. Other solutions do not have the necessary features to carry out this task. This is why I have eliminated these solutions when considering which solution to use and the only one that seemed practical would be the BESPOKE PROGRAM option.

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