Sunday, October 6, 2019

Movie comment Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 5

Comment - Movie Review Example If not, explain why 2. What are your thoughts about â€Å"liminal space† that connects black Americans with White American? 3. Give your comment after reading the paragraph. Different Interpretation â€Å"Love is blind†. This contention is another interpretation of the movie. Both Flipper and Angie are blinded with their love. This is evident in their romantic twist. An example of this is the choice they both made in their life to be with each other despite of their happy marriages. Risking the marriage for another woman or man shows that being in love is more important over others. They both sacrificed to hurt their families and for their families to ostracized them. Flipper was thrown by Drew out of the house while Angie was beaten and very much criticized by his father. Another example supporting that they are blindly in love is that they went on with their relationship despite their cultural differences. It is known during the 1990’s that black Americans and white Americans are rarely involve with each other because of some racial discrimination. Blacks are not so much accepted in white families. Apart from this, Flipper and Angie are open with their relationship that it is readily observed within their families and communities. They are not concern if they are caught with their affair because they are in love.

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