Friday, September 13, 2019

Organizations That Impact Mining Industry Essay - 1

Organizations That Impact Mining Industry - Essay Example safety and health administration), SME (Society of Mining Industry), NIOSH (National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health), NMA (National Mining association), EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and the Sierra Club. This paper will focus on how these institutes operate and the significance of these institutes for the mining industry (Woodard 416). The purpose of MSHA is to ensure and protect the miners’ of USA and the community from injuries, diseases and deaths caused due to mining activities. According to Mine Act, the function of the MSHA is to evaluate surface mines for twice a year and underground mines for four times each annum. This survey is conducted by the surveyors of the MSHA, they conduct this survey to ensure that the mines are developed in accordance to the guidelines provided by the Mine Act and the mine owners and managers are complying with the standards proposed by the mine Act. The Act further requires the inspectors of MSHA to issue an order to the operators of the mine in case of non-compliance with the Mine Act (MSHA, 2012). SME comprises of eight different divisions and each division is created to serve in the best interest of the members of SME. Members of these divisions include students as well as professional engineers. The function of SME is to bring advancement to the community of minerals with the assistance of sharing information and developing professionals. SME itself is a member organization of American Institute of Mining which was created during the era of 1871 by a small number of coal miners. SME provides information to its members and takes part in the development of its members by providing them with technical peer reviewed journal articles, hosting seminars, accrediting colleges and providing education to the common public. Students of the engineering field can benefit through SME in several ways (SME, 2012). They have to pay discounted price to become a member of the organization and with this membership they

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