Monday, September 23, 2019

Cloud Computing in Telecommunications Research Paper

Cloud Computing in Telecommunications - Research Paper Example In addition, cloud computing has successfully changed the dimensions of telecommunication (Weiss; Koehler, Kraemer and Anandasivam). In today’s global world where new standards and technologies are offered everyday each and every organization is trying its level best to make use of cloud computing. Additionally, the idea of cloud computing is already adopted in various fields. According to a research, cloud environment will be adopted in a large number of corporations and enterprises in upcoming years. In fact, cloud computing is already been adopted in various sectors such as telecommunication and information technology which resulted in significant growth and profit generation (Phukan). In this way the telecom sector is much energized about the scenario of cloud environment. In addition, the telecom sector will acquire numerous competitive advantages from networking operations along with modern technological aspects. Hence it will become easy for them to play an imperative r ole in the rapid growing world of cloud computing environment (Phukan). Significant Factors We can examine numerous opportunities of cloud environment in telecom corporations with various factors. Therefore, we focus more on those factors that are helpful in making telecommunication an important player in this rising domain. ... The second most important aspect deals with recognizing the future situations on the basis of which telecommunication will establish its position in the marketplace (Koehler, Kraemer and Anandasivam). Major aspects of Cloud Computing There are various aspects of cloud computing which are necessary to make telecom sector more productive. These 3 aspects facilitate customers in reference of cloud environment. This thing includes various critical factors: Software as a Service (SaaS) Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) Platform as a Ser v ice (PaaS) However, the network service providers might facilitate regarding connectivity related issues in a cloud landscape. In this way a numbers of telecommunication applications will be moved to the infrastructure that meets the criteria of cloud computing environment. But those who will not be able to shift will be delivered as Software as a Service that is usually abbreviated as (SaaS). In this scenario, the adoption of cloud environment in telec omm sector will benefit telecomm corporations and their operators. Thus this advance technological aspect will be helpful in developing vendors’ controlled services; in fact it is beneficial for those clouds operators that do not want to make investment for running their cloud operations (Gabrielsson, Hubertsson and Mas). In addition, the internet protocol (IP) communications along with componentized environment of the software products that are used by telecom sector and service providers is perfect one for cloud environment. As we know that promising technologies of service architectures like IP multimedia subsystems that is abbreviated as (IMS) as well as next generation networks that is abbreviated as (NGN) will facilitate in strengthening their position in

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