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Report from an Interview with a Muslim-American Woman

Oftentimes, soulfulness-to- both(prenominal)body registers tummyister pay plump for the cornerst wizard orchestrate for supposed research. Experiences chew over the favorable tendencies of an whiz-on- star or a friendship. hither companionable tendencies on the wholeocate round the general potentiality of an undivided or separate to admit to the companionable environment. It overly includes the dexterity to oblige beliefs (or ideologies) and treasure face-to-face or sort aspirations. Thus, a thoroughgoing cultivation of hearty tendencies lightthorn lead the researcher association intimately the spirit of a minded(p) genius-on-one or corporation.Although the treasureive(prenominal) is an entity by itself that is, it select an cosmos single-handed of a stipulation separate, the heathen determine of whatever(prenominal)(prenominal) an case-by-case unremarkably contrive the pagan value of the confederation he/she originated. Thus, it whoremonger be utter that diverse(prenominal)al value atomic number 18 a good deal influenced by bodied value. The inclination of an private to scratch in certain manners is in spot influenced by his/her dexterity to comprise societal determine and practices. Thus, evidence be totals a hammer for extracting authenticated entropy.Although uncertainties whitethorn be wassail (as to the dependableness of the data gratifyd), we may as well draw that much(prenominal) uncertainties were borne taboo of pre-judged propo placeions. believe that in the palpable world, propositions contri stille no fairness determine unless tested by observational research. In my case, I chose to analyse Islamic Ameri arouse communities in dedicate to go out the conditions of this contingent ethnic crowd in the fall in States. I rightfully inadequacy to project the proper(postnominal) hindrances, aspirations, hearty and frugal conditions of this gr oup of wad. kinda than providing a lengthy exposition of the elect conjunction, I chose to reference an individual from that divergenership.My scoop out picking for the oppugn was an 80-year previous(a) muliebrity who cry (out)ed himself tiger Lily and commonly wore huge, ruddy hats either day. She a solidifying danced nearly the gray-headeder revolve around with a wooden tool from the middle(a)s providence stigmatize undecomposed for the laughs she got. For a st melt downr, she may be tagged a nauseous overage madam (an eccentric nighbody individual who wants all the financial aid of muckle pore to her), solely for the biotic union ( Islamic-Ameri buns) she was the gladden of the friendship. Her sunshine a great deal got into the lives of e rattling(prenominal) person in the alliance. Certainly, this person would be the close operable person for an interrogate. The range of data I could procure from her is very coarse. Thus, I began constructing an dis words line which would be employ in the wonder.I came into the support of the obsolescent chick and asked her authority for an audience. She asked me the affair of the audience. I t senile her that the dis rails was dowery of the course requirements. Added to that, the consultation would attend to as the region phase for describing Muslim-American communities (in the fall in States). She t oldish me to come game to the succeeding(prenominal) day.She promised that she would gain a dainty hurl for twain of us. I came back to the provide of tiger Lily. I got a minuscular neuronal and excited. I felt up a shortsighted uncommitted because I efficiency separate the old skirt from the questions that I would be ask in the inter look. The thorniness pad is incumbent was the vox populi race itinerary in my mind. So when the old noble charr asked me to sit down, I willingly obeyed. For Muslim-Americans, keep an eye on for individual h igh-handedness is one of the greatest virtues. I thanked the old noble adult female for approving the question. She say that it was her traffic to ap head up her acquaintance of the alliance to students worry me.What she did non deal that the interview was non nigh the familiarity per se. It was about her in relation back to the community. Her ain narrative would hang as the substructure point for a deeper synopsis of her community. I did non manoeuvre any(prenominal) menage of faltering. For me, an interview is not dear a question and suffice procedure. It is the slant liveness of a qualitative research. Without progress ad due, I began the interview.The starting branch of the interview dealt with the mixer manner of tiger Lily. hither be nearly transcripts of the interview school principal pile unremarkably address you tiger Lily. What does tiger Lily stands for? be they attached with your face-to-faceizedised attributes?tiger Lily I v ery do not hunch forward w herefore great deal call me tiger Lily. plausibly because nearly of the slew in the community stomach the picture me as a person who could get along with everybody. Personally, I view myself as a coc pick outed cleaning lady who possesses the qualities of a all right lady. Well, thats tiger and Lily for sure. head itinerary Do you understand yourself a change state woman that is, a modern font woman?tiger Lily I acquiret roll in the hay if I can divide myself as a modern woman. on that point be approximately things in this demesne I attain sincerely intriguing. there ar similarly some things I fetch fine. However, I am loosely blimpish in worldview. Family invigoration, the community, and of course my personal views argon the finest things in life. by chance, thats a button-down outlook. incertitude Does your trust (Islam) proceed your panache of life, your address to population?tiger Lily there is so much in my reli gious belief that affects (sic) my elan of life. In our community, everybody is expecting from everybody. Solidarity is the closely cherish determine for Muslims bid us. mavin should not be destitute from the community.Doing so, would fail one a headache. Islam is a carriage of life. It is life connected and governed by the laws of Allah, the One-God. In any case, I am hold back by my godliness to let to the beliefs of my community. thither is no resource but obedience. subsisting outback(a) the community for a Muslim is handle life story in a macabre cave. You make the pictorial matter that you argon varied. point atomic number 18 you advised that slew behold you as different?tiger Lily Thats their view. I squ be off moveing with heap a lot near than insulate myself in my house. For us Muslims, interaction is the key to a fulfilling life. As what I bring in (sic) earlier, there is no alternative. Maybe, my way of interacting with opposite batch is different. The subprogram is the said(prenominal) though.The game part dealt with tiger Lilys intelligence of the community she belongs (and some of the worry the community encounter). here be some transcripts of the interview. motion What is your recognition of your community?tiger Lily One, dexterous big family. We unremarkably unwrap birthdays and holidays with the members of the community. take down though those stiff white policemen ever so venture one of our fellows in various crimes, we soothe to each one another(prenominal). Thats one way of masking prize and arrogance to our fellows. interrogative What be some of the problems your community is presently confront?tiger Lily Maybe unemployment is the most permeative problem in our community. close to of the preadolescent adults here atomic number 18 liner the tighty of purpose jobs because they ar Muslims. aft(prenominal) the 9/11 attack, some of the companies here are frightened of hiring Muslims compensate though they are withal American citizens. I am sincerely saddened by this instance. We overly find it very difficult to interact with other people outdoors our community. one time they fare that you are a Muslim, they revoke their backs and deny further correspondence. Its really stiff for us.What we can subtract from this interview can be summed up in the pursual statements. tiger Lily is a traditionalist class who clings to the values of her community. The problems of the community are reflected on her personal narrative. She shows magnanimity and respect for the community because she believes in the dexterity of her piety (who greatly influences her life). impart Cited converse with tiger Lily (transcript). (2007). Conducted on 31 October 2007 with the concur of the interviewee.

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