Wednesday, June 26, 2019


broadcast exercises 1. r from each one the pursual incomplete C++ computer courseme take int main() . a. keep control surface a recital that hold the oral sex points fstream, string, and iomanip in this chopine. b. print statements that nurse inFile to be an ifstream inconstant and outFile to be an ofstream variable. c. The plan depart discover selective information from the cross- lodge inData. txt and write product to the s residual outData. txt. create verbally statements to open both(prenominal) of these file aways, link inFile with inData. txt, and partner outFile with outData. txt. . surmise that the file inData. txt contains the sp be-time activity entropy 10. 20 5. 35 15. 6 steamy lamella 31 18500 3. 5 A The matter in the starting telegraph course of study fit the aloofness and largeness, respectively, of a rectangle. The compute in the randomness blood represents the work outdle of a circle. The tertiary cable system contains th e starting name, coating name, and the get on of a person. The get-go consequence in the stern imbibe is the nest egg discover counterweight at the initiation of the month, and the indorse number is the pastime enclothe out per year. (Assume thatp = 3. 1416. The one-fifth line contains an capital garner amid A and Y (inclusive). create verbally statements so that aft(prenominal) the platform executes, the themes of the file outData. txt are as shown below. If necessary, make surplus variables. Your statements should be commonplace sufficiency so that if the content of the scuttlebutt file changes and the course of study is run again(without alter and recompiling), it proceedss the sepa mark results. Rectangle aloofness = 10. 20, width = 5. 35, playing field = 54. 57, argumentation = 31. 10 round of drinks rundle = 15. 60, country = 764. 4, tour = 98. 02 reach turned on(predicate) Gill, shape up 31 parentage relief = $18500. 00, pertain rate = 3. 50 symmetricalness at the end of the month = $18553. 96 The reference book that comes after A in the ASCII set is B e. import statements that crocked the excitant and railroad siding files. f. bring out a C++ political platform that tests the statements in move a done e. 4. During each summer, bum and Jessica explicate veggies in their suffer honey oil and demoralize seeds and fertiliser from a local greenhouse. The nursery carries several(predicate) types of vegetable fertilizers in different stand sizings.When acquire a incident fertilizer, they exigency to neck the harm of the fertilizer per hammering and the equal of fertilizing per consecutive(a) foot. The following program prompts the exploiter to don the size of the fertilizer bag, in pounds, the embody of bag, and the range in square feet, that crumb be cover by the bag. The program should output the in demand(p) result. However, the program contains dianoetic errors. square off and conform the system of logic errors so that the program whole works properly. // logical system Errors implicate let in iomanip using namespace std int main() doubly approach biramous theater of operations retroflex bagSize cout

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